Eufrazia School of Ballet
1461 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126
Telephone: (408) 420-3311

50th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to everyone who helped make this extra special Spring Performance a
success. To our parent volunteers and everyone who made donations for the
production and cafe.

Congratulations to all the dancers who performed in this spectacular show.  You
all worked so hard in rehearsals and it really paid off on stage.  All of you really
brought each of our past productions come to life!!!  
Our 50th Anniversary Celebration included selections from the 17
storybook ballets we have performed.  Including Snow White,
Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, The Nutcracker and many
more beloved well as a few imagined ones.

The First 50 Years
 Fifty years ago, at the age of 19, Beverly Eufrazia started her very own ballet
school.  In 1967, with a rented room at the SES Portuguese Hall in Santa
Clara and a portable barre, made by her father, Eufrazia School of Ballet was
born.  The school found its home on Park Avenue in 1978 and has been
there ever since.  
 Miss Beverly’s love of ballet was kindled at the age of 3, in a nursery school
production.  She was then enrolled in a local ballet school.  After moving
cross-country, she found a new ballet school.  There she became an
assistant teacher and later helped run the school.  Her daughter, Christina
Vincent, followed almost exactly the same path.  Only all of these experiences
happened at one studio, which happened to be Eufrazia School of Ballet.  
Miss Beverly poured her passion for ballet into every one of her students,
many of whom continue to dance to this day.  Some even went on to make
ballet their livelihood as professional dancers, ballet teachers and even
studio owners.

 Miss Beverly’s passion extended greatly to performing, as well.  She
created a touring performance group and enjoyed putting on the annual
school-wide productions.  1985 saw Eufrazia School of Ballet’s first full-
length storybook ballet of Cinderella.  In the years that followed, Snow White
and Sleeping Beauty joined Cinderella in the repertoire.  “The Home of the
Storybook Ballet” then went on to perform the fairytale stories such as Hansel
& Gretel, Peter Rabbit and Wizard of Oz.  The classic ballet story of Coppelia
was our most elaborate and biggest production with 92 cast and crew
members, full sets and scene changes.  A few original stories, such as
Western Symphony, Salute to America and In the Faerie Glen joined the
classics.  Every December, the school performed the Nutcracker.  What
started as an impromptu reading of the Nutcracker with some of the older
dancers performing select dances, quickly grew to a full-length production.
 Eufrazia School of Ballet has seen many generations of students, some in the same family and some at the same time.  Miss Beverly’s
spirit, love and kindness permeated every aspect of this school.  She hoped to not only instill the poise, grace, joy and love of ballet but
lessons that would reach beyond the studio: confidence, creativity, responsibility, commitment, a sense of self and a sense of community.  
Miss Christina has strived to continue this legacy and hopes to do so long into the future.